Creative Labs Archive

Curious about the Festival’s Creative Labs? Here’s a look back at what we’ve done so far.


2018: Dear Water


The Lab:

  • Lane gave a presentation about the Overpass Light Brigade which featured short films by Dusan.

  • Lane then led the “My Letter to Water” workshop, a series of writing exercises that culminated in participants each writing a letter to water (or to people and animals living with water).

  • Dusan recorded participants reading, then filmed in different locations throughout the Island during the festival. Participants in the lab and the general Festival took turns as “holders of the light” to spell out water-themed messages using light panels, each of which contained a letter shaped with LED lights.

  • Dusan transformed the footage from the Festival into the amazing videos below!


  • Dear Water (featuring many Festival participants as “holders of the light”)

  • Poem 1 (written and read by: Kristin Wegner)

  • Poem 2 (written and read by: Kai Evans)

  • Poem 3 (written and read by: Kirsten Wasson)