Past Festivals

2018:  Words on Water

  • Featured Authors:  Marion Boyer, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Jeff Goodell, Kirk Landers, Jean Pendizwol, Douglas Wood

  • Island Author: Richard Purington

  • Writers’ Workshops:

    • Bonnie Jo Campbell: Mining the Material of Your Life

    • Douglas Wood: A Writer's Path: A Writer’s Path

    • Jean Pendziwol: The Facts of Historical Fiction

    • Marion Boyer: Navigating the Undercurrents in Poetry

  • Creative Lab Faculty: Lane Hall, Dusan Harminc


2017:  Exploring Frontiers:  Real and Imagined

  • Featured Authors:  Dan Egan, Kao Kalia Yang, David Stuart MacLean, Rachel Dewoskin, Amy Hassinger, Karla Huston

  • Writers’ Workshop Faculty:  James S. McCormick, Rachel Dewoskin, David Stuart MacLean, Amy Hassinger, Kao Kalia Yang, Karla Huston


2016:  Mystique and Mystery of the Midwest

  • Featured Authors:  Kimberly Blaeser, Kathleen Ernst, Brian Freeman, Rebecca Makkai, Michael McCarthy, Nick Petrie, and Patricia Skalka.

  • Writers’ Workshop Faculty:  Rebecca Makkai, Lynn Kaczmarek, Kathleen Maci, Patricia Skalka, Kimberly Blaeser


2015:  Spirit of Place:  Literature of the Land and Sea

  • Featured Authors:  Hampton Sides, Lin Enger, John Hildebrand, Anne-Marie Oomen, Peter Geye, Kevin Miyazaki, Don Kilpela, Danielle Sosin, Alice D’Alessio

  • Writers’ Workshop Faculty:  Elizabeth Sachs, Rebekah Keaton, Anne-Marie Oomen, Alice D’Alessio


2014:  Rooted in the Heartland:  Themes of Family

  • Featured Authors: Nickolas Butler, Susanna Daniel, Larry Watson, Max Garland, Fritz Damler, Mari Anderson, Susan Gloss, Marnie Mamminga, Adam Schrager, Elizabeth Sachs

  • Writers’ Workshop Faculty:  Michelle Wildgen, Susanna Daniel, Susan Gloss, Max Garland


2013:  Writing Wisconsin:  Facts and Fiction

  • Featured Authors:  Jean Feraca, Norman Gilliland, Dale Kushner, Bruce Dethlefsen, Martha Egan, Richard Purinton, Ralph Murre, Sharon Auberle

  • Featured Presenters:  Terese Allen, Jerod Santek